Changes to the Service

Effecting GBHS students
We have been advised by the Ministry of Education that their Ministry-funded school bus service for GBHS students living in the Woodlands Park and Laingholm areas will be replaced by Auckland Transport (AT Metro) services from Tuesday 30 January 2018.

Students from Laingholm and Woodlands Park who were transported for free, previously, will now be required to pay a fare, due to the availability of suitable public transport services.

The only route that will continue to provide free Ministry-funded transport to and from GBHS will be Cornwallis/Huia. Buses on this route will not stop to pick up or drop off students in the area serviced by AT Metro services. This means that students living on the Laingholm side of the Huia Road/Rauhuia Crescent intersection will have to catch a fare-paying AT Metro bus because they are within 2.4kms of an AT Metro service. These routes will have a one-zone fare which is $0.99 per trip for HOP card users with a child concession loaded, or $2.00 per trip for those paying cash. If a child uses a HOP card without a child concession loaded, the adult fare of $1.85 will apply. These fares are current (Nov 2017), but may change in the future.

AT Metro will provide the school with more information for children and parents about HOP cards, but general information about AT HOP is available via AT’s website: .