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Junior Elite Training Squad (JETS) is a group of up to 10 Green Bay High School students who are identified for their sporting potential. They are selected based on a number of attributes and not just their current sporting performance. Selectors will be looking at students’ attitude, current performance both academically and sporting, and where the student wants to go.This Squad brings together a partnership that can provide the best possible environment for a developing athlete.

The three partners within the programme are AUT MillenniumWIL Sport Management and Green Bay High School. This is the first programme of its kind that we are aware of in New Zealand Secondary Schools.

JET students 2014 are: John Ashcroft, Liam Bird, Claudia Renee Fraser, Rhys Lloyd, Harry McLoughlin, Tom Pugh, Jun Selwyn, Kailey Short, Ben Spears, Ellena Woodhall-Martin. Read more…