Junior Elite Training Squad


The focus of JETS is to develop high-performance athletes with a focus on sports psychology, the importance of overcoming barriers, optimising training to suit specific sport needs and adapting to challenges elite athletes may face. This will be implemented by trainers from Les Mills and AUT Millennium who coach the athletes on all of these aspects, as well as teaching correct training techniques in the gym.

Junior Elite Training Squad (JETS) is a group of up to 10 Green Bay High School students who are identified for their sporting potential.

Selectors will be looking at students’ attitude, current performance both academically and sporting, and where the students’ hope to take their sporting achievements in the future. This Squad brings together a partnership that can provide the best possible environment for a developing athlete.

Sports Psychology sessions will be implemented by Yash Krishna a lead coach from AUT Millennium and who has been with the program for over two years. Strength and Conditioning coach Colin Robb designs the athlete’s specialised program, creates sport-specific testing, monitors progress and runs training sessions at Les Mills.

Contact Tyson Brandt via email or phone 817-8173 ext 230 for more information.