Connecting Globally – International education opens us to the world.

At Green Bay High School we are educating our students to be the successful adults of the future. It is essential that we find ways to connect to the wider world. Our international educational programme welcomes fee-paying and exchange students from overseas, while at the same time we encourage students of Green Bay High School to participate in exchanges that will extend their learning horizons beyond New Zealand.

Green Bay High School:

International Students’ Programmes:

This is designed to provide international students with short or long term learning opportunities in a typical New Zealand secondary school. Students have access to all the courses on offer at the school, but are also supported by ‘English as a Second Language’ classes as necessary. Students live locally with approved ‘homestay’ families.

For more information regarding International Enrolments and Homestay opportunities, contact International Students’ Director: Katrina Piezzo.


Ralika Chhay | Year 11 | Cambodia

Coming to New Zealand is an eye opening experience. It’s a chance to experience a whole new country with a distinct culture, lifestyle and education system.

The style of teaching is very different -the focus is on independency and time management instead of following all of teacher’s instructions. The teachers are very helpful and approachable, which I feel is an important part of learning. I find it really enjoyable to get to create my own work schedule, choose subjects that I’m passionate about and find learning styles that suit me individually. This encourages me to be confident in my learning ability as I’m not forced to learn something I’m not interested in and I don’t feel like I have no control over my education.

After school, there are also extracurricular activities that are available such as playing different sports, learning musical instruments or joining social groups. For me, I just came across a new interest of mine with softball, so this is a good opportunity to discover new talents and interests.

Along the way, I also made a lot of local and international lifelong friends, who I can rely on. Overall, I didn’t regret coming to New Zealand even one bit because I got the privilege to witness a completely new way of life unlike any other.


Mizuki | Year 13 | Japan





Hello, I’m Mizuki from Nagasaki, Japan. I’ve been living in New Zealand for almost 2 years.

Before I came to New Zealand I had stopped going to my Japanese High School for about 10 months. I still don’t know exactly why but  I think it there was a lot of pressure on me. I had 7 classes every day and I was studying about 10 subjects. Also I belonged to a sports club that I had to attend for 3 hours everyday after school and even on weekends, and I had a lot of homework as well… so I didn’t have enough time to do anything for myself. All of this limited my own personal time. I thought that there was no meaning to life so why would I want to continue this life. I wanted to live more freely and do the things I enjoyed. At the time I asked my friend what I should do.  My friend said “ You should go to another country.” That is how I ended up here.

I remember my first impressions when I arrived New Zealand. I thought the sky was very very beautiful and large. There were no clouds so and it was so bluel. Also I remember when I first met my host family –  I couldn’t even say my own name well because I was so nervous and shy. At school I couldn’t understand what the teachers said so it was so hard. Even though I had studied English for years in Japan I couldn’t understand  hardly anything. I was disappointed. From this experience I was determined to understand English as soon as possible. I always looked up the words using a dictionary during class and repeated a review of them at home. It became understandable little by little. However assessments were very hard for me. The first year I hardly passed anything but by the second year I was able to achieve almost every assessment. The biggest reason was because I could choose subjects by myself so I was able to study the things that I like. In New Zealand, there are so many options to study.  I really like the education system here. The second reason I was able to pass was because my teachers gave me a lot of support.

Another reason that living in New Zealand worked well for me is that New Zealanders accepted us (international people) warmly. To New Zealanders, accepting other cultures is not too big a thing or too difficult a thing. My host family was interested in and respected my culture, so I was also interested in New Zealand’s culture and respectful of it. To live in another country is not always easy and sometimes it is very difficult, but this experience has been the most important experience of my life. It made me strong.

Finally, I’m glad I came to New Zealand. I have many good memories, I’m glad I met many people and I grew as a person.  I am very grateful to my parents, my friends, my teachers, my agents and my host family. I had a great experience here. Thank you so much.