International Students – Welcome

Green Bay High School has been serving its community for over 45 years. Over this time it has been a leader in educational innovation, nurtured an outstanding number of very successful graduates and placed a high value on developing independent, confident global citizens.

We welcome international students from all over the world to Green Bay High School and value the diversity of ideas and culture they add to our school and community.  The interaction they have with local students and host families helps break down stereotypes and encourages intercultural communication and understanding.

Located a 25 minute drive from downtown Auckland and on the edge of the Waitakere Ranges we have the best of both worlds. The community is art focused and nearby are art galleries, theatres, and dance schools easily accessed by students. There is a local market on weekends featuring local artisanal products. The shopping mall is about a 20 minute walk away with trains to the city departing from there.

Students come to us for different lengths of time and with different purposes. Some are here for a short time, with the purpose to learn and grow through the experience of immersing themselves in another culture. Others are here for two or three years with the intention of gaining university entrance and then continue with tertiary education.

We make it a priority to get to know our students, and we care about what each of them need in order to meet their goals and succeed. Students and parents alike comment that they are very happy with the personalised attention we give them to ensure they reach their academic and personal goals.

It is a privilege to share this journey with our students and celebrate with them as they reach their goals. The international team here is proud to be part of the students’ experiences in New Zealand and work hard to make it the best it can be.