Multi Materials Technology

Year 10
If music paves the way to happiness for many teenagers, the Year 10 Multi Materials Technology students are a very happy group!

Throughout the term, students have been designing and creating speakers which can be connected via usb ports to their computers and/or mobile phones. By researching existing speaker designs and discovering how speakers work, students were able to create a template to improve sound using suitable materials and construction methods.

Multi Materials Technology combines STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) with creativity and practical problem solving.

Using a wide range of techniques such as sketching and design and visual communication. Students developed their ideas to create a wooden carcass, before soldering the stereo circuit and speakers – then nervously plugging them in the hope of hearing the sweet sound of music.

After lots of fitting, shaping and sanding, the speakers were individualised with unique designs and finished off with sophisticated wood polishing techniques. Students also had to write a product evaluation and propose an improved version.