Joseph Lawrie

Year 13
Congratulations to Joseph Lawrie (Year 13) who was part of a winning team during the Brave Thinkers programme, held in Palmerston North.

As part of New Zealand Business Week this competition was open to all Year 12 and Year 13 students nationwide. It is a fun, and challenging event for those with a head for business or have a new business idea.

During the intensive one week programme, participants were encouraged to be bold in their thinking, learn about new business models and meet with other business-minded people.

Joseph (pictured above centre) was placed in a team of like-minded people to form a virtual company. He was instrumental in the design and marketing of a new and novel idea – Bio-mee: a toothpaste which transforms the simple act of brushing your teeth into a process that noticeably improves digestion, immunity, mental health, stress, weight control, and helps prevent arthritis!

The team had to make decisions about marketing, production and personnel in order to develop and grow a successful business.

Joseph received $200 from Green Bay High School (towards the $600 total cost of the course) in order to help him achieve his goals. Joseph has already enrolled in Business at Auckland University next year. Perhaps we will see his product on a supermarket shelf one day!