Doug Gerber

Year 9
Winter is certainly upon us, and it seems timely that several students are taking to their local ice rink – some with more prestige than others!

Congratulations to Doug Gerber (Year 9) who joins the group of elite skaters from Green Bay High School who have gone on to win competitions within their respective Clubs. Last weekend Doug was competing in Australia in the Hollins Trophy, where he was awarded 1st place!

With another five more competitions on the agenda, Doug is now busy setting his sights on perfecting the jumps, spins and fancy footwork in order to qualify for a spot in Brisbane later this year.

Doug started skating at the age of 9, and his favourite move is the Donut Spin. His routine as a solo figure skater involves a three minute and 15 second routine where judges are marking on artistic, critique, and landing – with special attention to the landing of his double rotation – another of Doug’s special talents.