Library, Homework Centre

Reading is knowledge
Our school library provides an excellent environment for students to read and study.
Students are expected to be working quietly when using the library. Students can log on to the Wi-fi and there are 14 computers for students to use. Our library team are always available to assist students and staff.

Library Hours
The library is open from 8am Monday to Friday. The library closes at 4.30pm Monday – Thursday with an earlier closing time of 3.15pm on a Friday.

Homework Centre

Homework Centre runs in the library after school on a Tuesday and Thursday from 3.15pm until 4.30pm. Teachers will be in the library to give you assistance with your school work. This is a great opportunity to use the library as a place to read, study or research. Jenny, our Library Assistant, will be available to help you find books or show you how to use the library book catalogue or copier.
Each department also has its own support programme. Departments design extra support when assessments are due. Asking subject teachers how to access this help is very important. Studyit and the NZQA websites have useful material on almost every subject and can be accessed at the Homework Centre.  Our Homework Centre is run in conjunction with the Peer Support Programme, run by Year 13 students who have recently completed NCEA Levels 1 and 2, they have personal and practical advice to give.

The EBOOK PORTAL enables you to access the school’s eBook platform. Alternatively, you can download the ePlatform by Wheelers App to your device for easy access. Sign in with your computer log on to borrow a range of eBooks in epub and pdf forms. eBooks are free to borrow and can be downloaded to a compatible device. You can borrow two eBooks at a time for a loan period of two weeks. Students and staff have access to around 1,600 eBook titles via the GBHS ePortal.