Hosting an International Student

Green Bay High School is always happy to hear from warm and welcoming families where students will feel at home and part of the family.  It is important that English is spoken in the home and that your family is willing to spend time with the student integrating them into life in NZ. Hosting an International student can be a rewarding and enriching experience for the whole family.

We have around 50 International Students from a number of different countries.  Some are here on short term English and cultural experiences who are looking for a home for only a few weeks and others are studying long term and could live with the same family for a year or longer.

As a homestay host you would be expected to provide each student with a clean warm room with the following:

•  Comfortable bed
•  Desk and chair
•  Good lighting
•  Heating in room
•  Enough drawer/wardrobe space for belongings
•  Access to clean toilet and bathroom
•  Access to a laundry facilities
•  Three nutritious meals per day
•  Access to internet (Wifi)

Remuneration of $275.00 per week is offered.

As part of the homestay placement process we police vet all homestay family members over 18 years old and we will visit your home and meet you before placing a student.

If you would like to become a Green Bay High School Homestay Family, please complete the Homestay Application and Homestay Agreement on our website, then email to [email protected]

If you have any queries please contact us on phone 817-8173 ext 242. Please also feel free to pass this information onto other families who may be interested in becoming a Homestay Family for us.

 NZ Police Vetting Service: Request and Consent Form

When placing an international student in a homestay, we are required to have all adults in the home vetted by the NZ police. A Request and Consent form must be completed by each household member who is aged 18 years or older.

These forms are available on our website for downloading or we can post these out to you.

Please note that the identity of the person completing the form must be confirmed. To do this, two forms of ID must be sighted, one primary and one secondary, one of which must be photographic.

This confirmation can be completed by a member of our International Department at school or by an Identity Referee.

Please see attached pages from the NZ Police Guide which give more information about how and who can confirm identity.

We are happy to sight your ID during the home visit but each person and the two forms of ID must be present at the visit. Otherwise an Identity Referee can do this part of the process.

If you use an Identity Referee, please ensure that you attach the signed/verified copy of the ID documents that your Identity Referee has sighted, as well as the form.

Once the school receives the forms, these are sent to the NZ Police electronically for processing.

Should you wish for further information about the form or the vetting process, please call our Homestay Manager as we are happy to explain further. Alternatively you can check out:



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