Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Year 9 Competition
Year 9 Junior Technology students were given a brief at the beginning of Term 1 to design and manufacture a crane or a ramp/table that could lift a designated weight. The structure that lifts the biggest weight wins!

Today, being the last day of Term, 09LEM and 09COU Hard Materials classes battled it out to showcase their designs and structures. With prizes given for design, construction and fitness for purpose.

The competition was intense (although energetic and fun) as students operated their cranes, by syringes using either pneumatic or hydraulics technologies.

Throughout the term, students enjoyed the opportunities this project created. They were engaged with testing of ideas, designing, problem solving, manufacturing and continuous stakeholder consultation with other students in their classes.

Their study of hydraulics and pneumatics, and with a wide range of materials used and construction techniques tested, many successful cranes and lifting platforms were achieved.

Winner for Biggest Weight Lifted:
Josh Madden 09LEM
Joshua Church 09COU

Winner for Design:
Jemma Griffiths & Emma Utting 09LEM
Adalia Edwards 09COU

Winner for Construction:
Hayden Askew 09LEM
Amelia Hinvest & Phoebe Williamson 09COU

Overall joint winners:
Josh Madden 09LEM
Josh Church 09COR