Blake and Daniel

Year 9 students
Congratulations to Year 9 students Blake Ockleston and Daniel Coyle-Smith for being recognised for a job well done! It is great to see our school Values (Excellence, Courage, Respect, Responsiveness) are also helping you become fine young men in the wider community.

Earlier this week Blake and Daniel made news headlines in the paper (read all about their good deed in this article, featured by Stuff) or view the clip, as seen on the TVOne news programme, 7 Sharp, for helping an elderly man in New Lynn.

The boys were merrily on their way, engrossed in Pokemon hunting, after having finished their Saturday sports when they noticed a man with a walker having trouble maneuvering his way across the busy intersection.

Our young heroes saved the day and the man (and his family) were most grateful. However, the story does not end there…a family member rang the school office to offer her thanks to the boys. As it turns out, the ‘man of the moment’ was none other than our very own Basil Lawrence! Basil was a Technology teacher at GBHS for 12-13 years and was a Technician for another 5 years, before he retired in 2013.