Year 13 student, Jun Selwyn, won 3 Gold medals and 1 Silver medal in the recent 13th World Chin Wao Martial Arts and Culture Assembly, held in Shanghai, China.

Earlier this month, Jun competed in this prestigious competition, winning Silver in his first event, which was an International Form, Gold in Broad Sword From (traditional), Gold in a 2-Person Combat Form and a further Gold in the Demonstration Form.

Jun has been competing in Wushu (a form of martial arts) since the age of 9. He has received a lot of support and mentorship from being part Green Bay High School JETS programe, which helps promising athletes achieve further develop and achieve higher goals.

“The JETS programe ¬†helped me to physically prepare for the competition, leading up the the event. As well as academically via Mr Woodward,” says Jun.

Jun is aiming to compete at the Oceania Championships which will be held in September. He is also hoping to compete in the junior World Champs and the Youth Olympics. We wish him all the best!

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