Trip to Waiheke

Report by Coach Cole Porterfield
The girls had a great trip to Waiheke! There was a lot of excitement to play an away game since most of our games have been at home. It was a great opportunity for the girls to get away and bond as a team. We had awesome weather for the ferry over considering we are in the middle of winter and when the skies opened up a bit it didn’t dampen the girls’ spirits. There were plenty of laughs, selfies and a few pale faces on the boat, including me.

From the first whistle, they got stuck in, moved the ball around the park and was rewarded with Sophia Utting (Year 12) scoring a goal halfway through the first half. We held possession well throughout the game, defense dug deep and held Waiheke off from scoring. At half time we had a good conversation about what we had to do to maintain our score, the girls came together and played excellent football in the second half letting the ball do the work and rallying together to have each other’s backs.

The girls always step it up in the second half putting all the critiques into practice and today it paid off. Unfortunately, we were unable to get the ball in the back of the net again, the final score being 1-0. Super proud of the way the girls came together as a team and were rewarded with the win, they deserve it!

Every single player gave it their all, pushed on and as always never gave up; as a coach I can’t ask for anything more when they give it everything and play to the best of their ability. It definitely paid off today. Player of the day went to Holly Spargo (Year 11) for her urgency, standing her ground, pressure, and dedication to winning the ball creating numerous scoring opportunities.

With this being the first year playing together and being a very young team, half the team is juniors, they have improved dramatically and come a long way since the beginning of the season and hope this trip away and getting the win will push them even further to finish the rest of the season positively and on a high.