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Gifted and Talented

A special focus is being placed on the review and development of Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) at Green Bay High School. The process of review, led by our GATE team and supported by an external specialist, includes consultation with staff, students, and families. This review is framed by our approach to gifted and talented education which recognises the particular needs of gifted students and aims to meet these needs in a holistic manner.

There are a number of learning enrichment and acceleration opportunities available at Green Bay High School. These include selection for upper band classes, the Learning Enrichment Option, and separate curriculum enrichment opportunities in selected areas. These contribute to coherent pathways of learning for gifted and talented students. 

Active communication with caregivers is integral to all aspects of gifted and talented education at Green Bay High School; this communication begins with our successful transitioning of students from Year 8 into Year 9.

Upper Band Core Class Selection

Initial placements in upper band classes are based on Year 8 testing, feedback from intermediate schools, and information from caregivers and students during enrolment. Placements in the upper band are reviewed with subject teachers at the start and end of Year 9 and 10 based on assessment results (subject specific, PAT and asTTle) as well as core teacher recommendations.

Learning Enrichment Option

Learning Enrichment Option (LEO) is an invitational option available at Years 9 and 10 for academically able students.
The Year 9 course allows students to pursue an area of interest, building on their capacity to use their strengths to maximise achievement. It provides opportunities for students to learn about their individual thinking behaviours and learning styles, while developing their problem solving skills. There are also opportunities for students to further develop their interpersonal skills through collaborative learning within a positive group culture.

The Year 9 course leads to LEO at Year 10. This course is strictly limited in size as it offers selected students the opportunity to create and pursue an individual programme in an area of strength.

Individual Education Planning

Selected students will have individualised education plans created. In this way, student learning is further personalised to support the realisation of potential. Caregivers and students will be involved in the development of
these education plans.

The Team

Sue Ng – Teacher In Charge (TIC) Gifted and Talented Education Coordinator
Sarah Barrett-Hamilton– Head of Learning and Assessment Support
Teresa Callaghan – Scholarship

Want to Know More?
For further information about Gifted and Talented Education at Green Bay High School, please contact the school by emailing [email protected] .