Community Christmas Spirit

German Market
An enterprising team of language students studying German at Green Bay High School collaborated with the German Christmas market team and the Green Bay Community House to bring the annual German Christmas market to the Green Bay community!

A group of German students are busy fundraising for their exchange to Germany in April next year. They made Christmas cards, decorations and candles to sell and helped with other Market responsibilities on the day, as well as holding a Flea Market on the grounds of Green Bay High School.

Poppy Makatoa and Lee Makatoa brought Christmas joy to the faces of little visitors with their artistic face paintings. Sofia Utting and Meaghan Walsh served delicious German Frankfurters. Megan Bennett, Grace Mattler and Sophia Murray Tele were in charge of the Christmas cards, decorations, scented oil candles and book stalls. Jemma Cosgrove and Janine Kaminski showed children how to make and decorate tasty Gingerbread houses. Millie Tiwari, Ellie Stiggers, Emma O’Sullivan and their families ran a flea market and bake sale at GBHS.

Thank you to everyone who supported the girls in their fundraising efforts.