Subject Fees

The payment of actual subject or other fees incurred by your child correspond to the particular course selection students have opted to take throughout the school year and are clearly marked in the Course Selection booklet for both Junior and Senior students. These are direct costs related to agreed ‘take home’ elements of student subjects, sports fees or other non-compulsory activities.  Green Bay High School receives no funding from the Ministry of Education for these expenditure areas.

If there is difficultly in meeting such costs we will happily make an arrangement for you to pay over time. Please contact our Accounts Manager, Debbie Tonkin, phone 817 8173 extension 210 or email her on [email protected] if you would like to discuss this possibility.

If you would like to set up Automatic Payments to spread out the cost of fees/trips etc over the year, please contact the school accounts office

As usual we are also hoping that families will respond positively to our request for a school donation, currently set at $200 per student but reducing significantly to $50 for any siblings.  Donations are targeted at enhancing the opportunities available for our students in relation to digital technology and the expansion of cultural and sports co-curricular activities.

Your school donation is tax deductible.