Deputy Principal (Professional Learning and Data)

Ph: +64 9 817-8173 ext 276


Deputy Principal (Student Services)

Ph: +64 9 817-8173 ext 216


Assistant Principal (Student Engagement)

Ph: +64 9 817-8173 ext 219


Assistant Principal; (Assessment and Reporting /Principal′s Nominee)

Ph: +64 9 817-8173 ext 215


Kōtuitui Community of Learning

Raising educational achievement
Green Bay High School is part of a collaborative relationship between twelve local schools creating a learning community to investigate how 7000+ learners can be supported throughout their schooling. With investigation and research,  the Kōtuitui Community of Learning / Kāhui Ako aims to lift aspirations and raise educational achievement for every learner in our community. Our children have the greatest chance of succeeding when all teaching professionals have a shared understanding of the most effective practice, and have built strong, collaborative connections.

Deans: Contact Details (click for email) & Phone Extensions


LOGAN GILLARD Year 9 Dean ext 221
LEAH STEWART Year 10 Dean ext 218
CHLOE MARSH Year 11 Dean ext 211
RHONDA LEABOURN Year 12 Dean ext 209
SAM KNOWLES Year 13 Dean ext 245
KATHRYN HUNTER International Dean ext 243


LOLA LE GRANGE Year 9 Dean ext 221
LOGAN GILLARD Year 10 Dean ext 218
LEAH STEWART Year 11 Dean ext 211
CHLOE MARSH Year 12 Dean ext 209
MATT OLLERENSHAW Year 13 Dean ext 245
KATHRYN HUNTER International Dean ext 243

Head of Department: Contact Details (click for email) & Phone Extensions

SARAH BARRETT-HAMILTON Learning and Assessment Support (SENCo) / Bridging ext 228
DAVID BEAUMONT Director ICT ext 240
BARBARA BREWER Physical Education / Health ext 241
TERESA CALLAGHAN Performing Arts ext 250
LUCY EDMONDS Mathematics ext 235
LINDA HAYCOCK Science ext 262
CATRIN HUGHES Director of Vocational Pathways/Careers ext 242
PIEZZO KATRINA International Students' Director ext 252
ROGAN JAMES Visual Arts ext 263
STEWART ALLAN Music ext 224
HANNAH HOPKINS Social Sciences ext 254
NICOLE POLKE Languages ext 238
GERALD LE MESURIER Technology ext 259

Staff: Contact Details (click for email) & Phone Extensions

AALTIO, Karin Visual Arts ext 263
ALLAN, Stewart HOD Music ext 224
ANDREW, Caroline Community of Learning / Teaching as Inquiry / Sciences, Mathematics ext 275
ARNOLD, John English ext 226
ARSLANIAN, Matthew Physical Education ext 230
BACARELLA, Jonathon HOD English ext 226
BARKER, Fiona Principal ext 202
BARRETT-HAMILTON, Sarah HOD Bridging Programme / Learning Support Coordinator ext 228
BEAUMONT, David Digital Information Technologies ext 240
BEEDAH, Raj Mathematics ext 235
BEGG, Sandy Deputy Principal: Student Services ext 216
BREWER, Barbara HOD Physical Education ext 241
BRONS, Courtney English ext 213
BUCHANAN, Julie Library ext 225
CALLAGHAN, Teresa HOD Performing Arts ext 250
CARTER, Janet Print Room Administrator ext 239
CATT, Leigh Guidance Counsellor ext 274
CASTLE, Leanne Teacher Aide ext 228
CAWTE, Megan Science Technician ext 247
CHAPLIN, John Business Studies / Commerce ext 235
CHIBNALL, Ashleigh-Rose Physical Education ext 230
CHILD, Jenni Receptionist ext 201
CLEMAS, Nigel Physical Education ext 230
COLE, Michael Science ext 262
COWAN, Melissa Gateway Co-ordinator ext 242
COX, Beatrix (Trixie) Assistant HOD Social Sciences ext 254
DALE, Stefan Deputy Principal ext 276
D’SOUZA, Noela English ext 213
DAVIS, Carl Technology ext 259
DE ZILVA, Vanessa Technology ext 259
DRUMMOND, Fiona Careers Administrator ext 237
DUNSER, Suzy Mathematics ext 235
ECCLES, Heather Social Sciences ext 254
EDMONDS, Lucy HOD Mathematics ext 235
ELLISON, Matthew Science ext 235
ENHOLMER, Sofia English ext 213
ERICSON, Brent HOD Media Studies ext 236
FINAN, Sean Technology ext 259
FINCH, Michelle Physical Education/Early Childhood ext 230
FINLAYSON, Alex Mathematics ext 235
FISHMAN, Zev Assistant HOD Science ext 275
FOGGIN, Carmen Performing Arts Manager ext 261
GARRETT, Amber Mathematics ext 235
GEORGE, Jessy Digital Technologies ext 208
GHOORAH, Vikash Mathematics (Assistant HOD) / TiC Calculus, Scholarship, LEAP ext 235
GILLARD, Logan Year 9 Dean (2020) ext 221, Year 10 Dean (2021) ext 221 Chemistry / Science ext 275
GOEL, Anu Mathematics ext 235
GROOT, Jos Social Sciences ext 254
GWIN, Cushla Learning Support ext 228
HALL, Geoff Careers Counsellor ext 244
HAYCOCK, Linda HOD Science ext 262
HEKE, Ashleigh Sports Coordinator ext 233
HENSHALL, Susan Languages ext 238
HENWOOD, Phil Science ext 262
HILDITCH, Jonathan English ext 213
HOBBIS, Derek Technical Department Technician ext 259
HOPKINS, Hannah HOD Social Sciences / TiC History ext 254
HOWELL, Sylvie Media Studies, LEAP Coordinator ext 236
HUGHES, Catrin Director of Vocational Pathways ext 242
HUNTER, Kathryn International Students' Dean ext 243
HUNTER, Hayley English ext 213
HURT, Ulata Teacher Aide ext 228
JAMES, Edd Physical Education ext 230
JAMES, Rogan HOD Visual Arts ext 263
JOHNSTONE, Hope Learning Support ext 228
JOLLY, Anna Physical Education ext 230
JORDAN, Chris Assistant Principal ext 219
KARAUTI, Cara Home Economics ext 257
KINSLER, Christopher Learning Support Coordinator ext 265
KNOWLES, Sam Year 13 Dean ext 245 / Mathematics ext 235
LA GRANGE, Ilana Science ext 275
LAMBERT, Carla Business Studies & Commerce ext 254
LE FEVRE, Wynne Design & Visual Communication ext 259
LE GRANGE, Lola Year 9 Dean (2021) ext 245, Mathematics ext 235
LE MESURIER, Gerald HOD Technology ext 259
LEABOURN, Rhonda Year 12 Dean ext 209, / English ext 213
LLEWELLYN, Simone Learning Support / English ext 228
MA, Ana Mathematics ext 235
MACKAY, Hamish Director of Sports ext 233
MACKIE, Phil Caretaker ext 256
MANUKIA, Claire Publicity / Marketing ext 264
MARSH, Chloe Year 11 Dean (2020) ext 221, Year 12 Dean (2021) ext 211 Science ext 275
MAXWELL, Miyuki Science ext 235
MCGONAGLE, Christine Executive Officer ext 214
MCGREGOR, Jake Social Science ext 254
MUNRO, Bruce TiC Geography ext 254
NALTER, Beth Careers Counsellor ext 237
NEUN, Audra Homestay Coordinator ext 243
NICHOLSON, Tim Asst HOD English ext 213
NIRANJAN, Nirtika Asst HOD Technology ext 259
NOBLE, Kate Teacher Aide ext 228
OLLERENSHAW, Matt Year 13 Dean (2021) ext 209, Physical Education ext 230
ORR, Joanne English / Professional Inquiry Co-ordinator ext 226
OSBORN, Amber Assessment Data Administrator ext 260
OVERSLUIZEN, Chris Languages (Spanish) ext 238
PARATENE, Drina Te Reo Maori ext 223
PARKIN, Andrew Science ext 275
PATEL, Heral Mathematics ext 235
PERRY, Gabrielle Physical Education ext 230
PIEZZO, Katrina International Students Director ext 252
POLKE, Nicole HOD Languages (German) ext 238
SANDFORD, Sandra Technician (Home Economics Technician) ext 257
SETH, Carla ESOL ext 243
SHARP, Jenny Arts Co-ordinator / Dance ext 250 / 263
SHAW, Gael Administration (International Department) ext 243
SOUTHEY, Julie Dean's Assistant / Student Services ext 234 
SOUTHGATE, C-J Visual Arts ext 263
SPAIN, Susie Principal's PA ext 202
STARKE, Beate Languages (Japanese, Spanish) / Specialist Classroom Teacher ext 238
STEWART, Leah Year 10 Dean (2020) ext 218, Year 11 Dean (2021) ext 218 / Social Sciences ext 254
STUCKI, Theresa English ext 213
THOMAS, Clare Student Services / Sick Bay ext 253
TONKIN, Debbie Accounts Manager ext 210
TONKIN, Melissa English ext 226
TOWERS, Matthew Science ext 275
VAIGALU, Kim Learning Support Coordinator ext 265
VALENTI, Kisa Science ext 275
VINALL, Judy Teacher Aide ext 228
WALTON, Susan Learning Support ext 228
WEBSTER, Carolyn Teacher Aide ext 228
WESTEND, Donna Assistant Caretaker / Gardener ext 256
WHITE, Helen Guidance Counsellor ext 220
WOODALL, Emily Dance ext 250
WOODHALL-MARTIN, Rhonda HOD Home Economics ext 257
WOODWARD, Chris Associate Principal ext 231
WOOLFORD, Rose English/Social Science ext 254
WRIGLEY, Jenny Library ext 225
WYETH, Jono Assistant Principal (Assessment, Reporting) ext 215 / Technology ext 259