Special Interest groups

Many of our students seek to engage in a range of activities, that reflect their interests, beliefs and skills.
These activities provide a wide range of extra alternatives for students to engage positively with the school community and develop skills outside the classroom.


There is a wide range of extracurricular activities available to students at Green Bay High School. We recognise that opportunities to engage with these are important in supporting the development of a wide range of social and emotional skills for our students, as well as many of the key competencies in the New Zealand curriculum. In addition to students taking part in that which is offered by the school, they are encouraged to initiate activities if they feel there is a need that has not been met. Examples of some of the opportunities that students can access are outlined below in this brochure.

Special interest groups are a great way for our students to engage with activities that reflect their interests. They provide another space for like-minded individuals to be positively involved in the school community. 

Groups and clubs that run currently are outlined below, however, if a student wishes to begin something new, then there is a process that supports them to do so. 

ART CLUB – Provides a space for students to learn new techniques, and explore their own artistic interests.

AV CLUB – Students gain experience in film-making and to facilitate a space for film fanatics in the school.

DANCE CLUB – Students explore and perform different genres of dance possibly performing at the annual Dance Showcase.

GAMES CLUB – For students who enjoy a good old fashioned board game. Open to anyone to join in at break or lunchtime.

GREEN IMPACT – Students raise awareness about environmental issues in our school, our community and globally.

KAPA HAKA – Students celebrate Māori culture and identity through Kapa Haka, Te ao Māori and Te Reo Māori.

LIVE FOR TOMORROW (L4T) – Students reducing stigma and discrimination towards young people struggling with mental health, making school a safe place.

POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR FOR LEARNING (PB4L) – Supports positive behaviour for learning from a student perspective and promotes the school values.

PASIFIKA CENTRE – This is a space for Pasifika students and anyone else who is interested, to connect with peers, learn together and explore Pasifika culture.

PEACE GROUP – Students support actions and campaigns that improve the lives of people around the world.

PEER MEDIATORS – Students promote fairness and respect for all through facilitated mediation.

PEER SEXUALITY SUPPORT PROGRAMME (PSSP) – Students can engage with peers around a wide range of issues, ensuring our school is an inclusive place for all.

SEW-CIETY SEWING CLUB – Students who are beginners or experts, learn or practise sewing, pattern making and design skills.

SHINE (SAFER HOMES IN NZ every day) – SHINE beacons support safe and healthy relationships and violence-free communities. Our students promote healthy relationships.

SHAKESPEARE CLUB – Students explore and perform Shakespeare extracts working towards Secondary School Competition.

YOUTH CYBER ZONE (YCZ) – Students promote positive and safe interactions in online spaces.

We appreciate your time is valuable. If you are able to help out, please contact the school office