Event Location

Poor Knights Island  New Zealand  

Contact Info Please phone the school Physical Education Dept for more information, on 817-8173 ext 230.

UPDATE (5 March, 2018) Due to a Rahui on Goat Island, students will not be entering the water. An alternative site of Omaha will be used for all water activities. All indoor activities will now be held in the Marine Education Center. More more information, please contact the school office on 817-8173 ext 201.

As part of this course your son/daughter will be participating in a camp at Goat Island, Poor Knights Island and Tutukaka. This is part of their Level 3 NCEA assessment. Achievement standard 3.7 analyse issues in Safety management. This information was signalled to students and parents in the option choice booklet.

The trip involves snorkelling at Poor Knights Island and Goat Island, a visit to the Marine Education Centre, and adventure based learning games.  The trip to the Poor Knights Islands, one of the top eight dive sites in the World is taken with Tutukaka Dive Company.  Students will be in groups with staff and instructors during this time. We will be camping at Tutukaka.

If you elect for your child not to go to Camp with the costs involved, then we have an alternate Achievement standard 3.9 Evide strategies for a physical activity outcome. This will take place in term one and part of term two.  They will still do the swimming and snorkelling in the pool as part of this achievement standard.

On Monday morning:
We will leave School at 6.00am and travel to Goat Island for the Marine Centre visit and the practice ocean water snorkel at Goat Island.  We will then travel up to Tutukaka to camp.

On Tuesday Morning:
We will pack up camp and take the boat to the Marine reserve at Poor Knights with Tutukaka Dive for our open water snorkel.

Students will text for pick up when we leave Camp and again when we reach Albany.

We have endeavoured to keep the costs as low as possible so students will be camping and using their own tents. (We do have some school tents available if required.)

We will meet at school on Monday 5 March at 6.00am, meet at the Front Gates. Students will need to bring food for breakfast on Tuesday morning and any snacks they want. We will have a shared BBQ for dinner on Monday night. Further information about this will be given in class.

The cost of these activities is $210.00 which needs to be paid to the School office before we leave.  Parents are able to arrange auto payments on a weekly basis to pay this off. These can be set up with Debbie Tonkin in the accounts office ext 210, this needs to be done well before camp.

This is a great opportunity for all students to gain experience, knowledge and skills in snorkelling and to improve their confidence and relationships with others as well as gaining credits towards their NCEA level 3.

Usual school rules apply on these trips. If misbehaviour occurs which puts your son/daughter or others at risk they may be sent home and may miss out on other trips throughout the year.

Please contact your child’s teacher by email or phone if you have any queries.
Sandra Buchanan, Nigel Clemas, Matt Ollerenshaw.

Email contacts:

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