Event Location

Green Bay High School, 143 - 161 Godley Road Waitakere City New Zealand Green Bay, Auckland 0643

Contact Info Please phone the school office for more information on 817-8173 ext 201.

Please phone the school office for more information on 817-8173 ext 201.

Green Bay High School actively works to ensure that we are a safe school for all. Everyone has the right to feel safe at school, this includes all aspects of safety, physical, emotional, mental and social. To show our support we are having a Pink Shirt mufti day on Friday 18 May.

It is vitally important that as a whole school community we work together towards creating a safe school environment for all our students.

In New Zealand 87% of secondary students feel safe at school. However, nearly 1 in 10 students have been afraid that someone would hurt or bother them in the past year and 6% reported being bullied weekly or more frequently.

Pink Shirt Day originated in 2007 when two students, David Shepherd and Travis Price from Canada bought and gave out 50 pink shirts in support of a male student who was threatened and harassed after wearing pink on the first day of school. Word got out and hundreds of students showed up the next day all in pink, taking a positive stand. This sparked a worldwide campaign to speak up and stand together to stop bullying.

For more information visit: https://www.pinkshirtday.org.nz/

What can students do if they are feeling unsafe:
Talk to a trusted adult – Dean, Counsellor, Teacher, Parent.
See one of our Youth Cyber Zone Team who are trained to help students gain appropriate support in cyberspace.

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