Event Location

Green Bay High School, 143 - 161 Godley Road Waitakere City New Zealand Green Bay, Auckland 0643

Contact Info Please phone the school office for more information; 817-8173 ext 201.


12 & 13 February, 2018
Student ID photos will be taken on Monday 12 February, and Tuesday 13 February, 2018. Your FORM TEACHER will let you know what time your FORM CLASS is to go to the Auditorium.

Monday: Years 9, 10, 11, 12
Tuesday: Year 13 

All Green Bay High School students have their ID photos taken, during school time, at the beginning of each year. Student ID cards will be distributed to all students once they have been manufactured – this usually takes 1-2 weeks.

2017 Student ID cards will expire in March. All students (who have their photo taken) will have their 2018 cards in plenty of time before this date.

Please note: Students who have their photo taken by Photolife will also have their images collated into a Class photo and Portrait package, available for purchase via Photolife Studios Ltd.

As well as student concession fares on public transport, Student ID cards are used in our school library for issuing books and printing assignments. Cards cost $5 if paid before 31 March – after this date, cards cost $10.

Please phone the school office for  more information; 817-8173 ext 201.