Huia Bus Changes

This notice has been sent home to all families in the affected area, via email. Notification has been published in our weekly school newsletter as well as here on our school website.

We have a number of students using the free Huia Bus service provided by the Ministry of Education, operating to and from Green Bay High School and Glen Eden Intermediate School.

A small number of students living in the Parau area of Huia Road (between Victory Road and Rauhuia Cres) have also been catching this bus, however based on the Ministry’s criteria these students are ineligible for this free bus.

After consultation with the community, Ministry of Education, Ritchies Buses and Glen Eden Intermediate, a resolution has been found:

An initial grace period will continue for ineligible students, allowing them to continue to catch the bus for the remainder of Term 1.

Starting from Term 2, ineligible students will still be able to catch the Huia Bus – but will be required to buy a Term Pass from the school Accounts office, at a cost of $100.

All eligible students will continue to use this service as usual, but from Term 2, will be required to show their Huia Bus – ID card when boarding the bus. These bus ID cards, provided by the school, have been issued.
A letter has been e-mailed to all caregivers of students who are listed as catching the Huia Bus. Those few students who are ineligible, will have the remainder of the term to prepare for this change.

Any questions? Please contact the school office on 817-8173 ext 201.