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In an increasingly digital world, the need to use ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in classrooms has grown exponentially. Students, families and teachers want connectivity for learning and communication and we have developed a well-structured plan in response to this need.

Green Bay High School has transitioned towards a full Blended Learning (BYOD) environment, with a carefully managed approach, ensuring there is an appropriate level of support in terms of both staff and student readiness, and that we use our resources wisely.

Students have always had opportunities to use our computer suites and computer pods, and teachers use to data projectors with their laptops in most classrooms. Our significant infrastructure improvements have ensured we are now BYOD ready and capable. We have completed our SNUP (School Network Upgrade Programme) involving upgrading and rewiring data and power throughout the school. The new high speed connections allow us to make full use of our UFB (Ultra Fast Broadband) connection. With this robust foundation we can proceed with our plans to extend our managed wireless network, offering better connectivity to mobile devices.

We will keep you informed of our progress towards a full ‘blended learning’ environment. Our e-learning team has facilitated the introduction of this initiative. Students are expected to bring their own internet capable devices to school and use them as an essential learning tool.

Click here for more information regarding our Blended Learning structure.

What do I need to know?

  • Our full Blended Learning programme started with Year 9 students – in Term 1 – 2015. (This required all Year 9 students to bring their own internet capable device).
  • When at school students will have access to our managed wireless network and will be expected to use the internet (filtered and monitored) as an integral part of their learning.
  • All students will be expected to follow the school’s Internet and Cyber-safety guidelines and will be required to complete our ‘Responsible Digital Learners’ programme.
  • Lesson content and information will be made available on-line (Learning Management System) – teachers, students and parents will have a secure login to access specific content.

A BYOD environment:

  • Personalises learning experiences
  • Encourages students’ independent learning
  • Promotes anytime, anywhere learning opportunities
  • Allows for group collaborative and co-curricular learning practices

Green Bay High School Internet and Wifi Agreement:

Green Bay High School will provide internet and wifi access to students, staff and registered guests with devices. The internet and wifi access will be referred to in this agreement as the school network.

All users are expected to use this network in a legal and responsible manner.

Terms and Conditions of Use

As a user of the Green Bay High School network, you agree that you are fully and solely responsible for use of this access and service. As such, you will ensure that you use the network in a manner which:

  • is not harmful to others
  • does not infringe the rights of any person or organisation
  • does not threaten, harass, abuse or intimidate others
  • is not obscene, offensive, deceptive or fraudulent
  • does not break any law including the Copyright (Infringing file Sharing) Amendment Act 2011
  • is not used to transmit any unsolicited emails
  • does not involve accessing accounts other than your own
  • does not compromise the security of the network
  • does not impact on the efficient operation and running of the network
  • does not damage or potentially damage Green Bay High School’s name or reputation

Green Bay High School reserves the right to:

  • block, filter and restrict material which does not comply with the Green Bay High School safety policies and procedures
  • manage individual devices which access the school network
  • respond to lawful requests for information
  • restrict, suspend or terminate access to the school network if you breach this agreement


Wireless internet access is NOT secure. Information transmitted could be intercepted by another wireless user. As a user of the Green Bay High School network, you must understand that you are responsible for ensuring the security necessary to protect any information you send over the school network. Green Bay High School is not liable for any personal or sensitive information which is compromised.


By logging onto the Green Bay High School network, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions above.