Amazing Race Day

11 December 2017
Year 9 and Year 10 students have an Amazing Race day on Monday 11 December. Junior Clearance will be completed during this process.
End of year awards Assemblies: Tuesday 12 December for Year 9s (9.45am – 10.45am) and Year 10s (11.25am – 12.25pm). *Students will be dismissed to go home after each assembly.

The Amazing Race is an end of year 1-day competition: Each form class works independently to complete a series of stations (i.e. challenges) throughout the day. Unlike the TV show there will be a time limit to complete each station. Once the set time has elapsed, or, on completion of the station, each team is presented with a card to tell them where the next station is, so it is a staged rotation based on time. This card will provide a clue/riddle that they have to solve in order to find the venue for their next station.

Earn House points! Dress in your House colours. Face paint can be used, but must be applied at home and not brought to school. Bags will be locked in form classes at the beginning of the day, however phones are required for some stations. There will be bells for start of the day, interval, lunch and end of day.