Art Installation

Green Bay High School’s library has been the perfect gallery to exhibit a creative art installation, entitled ‘Digital Baby’.

Students created their masterpiece over a series of workshops held at school, under the guidance of local artist Delicia Sampero.

Reflecting society and what it has become. This piece is symbolic of the evolution of a wired, electrical life. Starting as a small child, entangled in the brace of copper, we are born into a world of industries and electronics. Devices are replacing human interaction between family members, cutting off real conversations.

The concept was completely student-driven and stemmed from dialogue which occurred following the Digital and I installation, which occurred earlier in the term.

Rhiannon Fuller-Sandys (Year 11), Rosie Fuller-Sandys (Year 9), and Year 10 students: Ruby Bedford, Keira Chamley, Toby John, Messina Morrison, Benjamin Stoffels-Butlin are pictured above with Artist Delicia Sampero and Helen Todd (light designer).

  • By: claire