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Have you enrolled your child?

Lumino The Dentists mobile unit will be at Green Bay High School from 31  August – 14 September, 2018. This programme is fully funded by the Ministry of Health and is widely recognised as the most effective model for delivering quality dental care to New Zealand’s secondary school students.

Green Bay High School has mailed out enrolment information on behalf of Lumino the Dentists to all Year 9 students. If you have not received your copy, or your child (regardless of year level) has not yet been enrolled, please contact our Receptionist, Jenni Child, on 817-8173 ext 201, and an application can be sent to you.  Copies are also available to collect from Reception.

If you would like your child to be part of the School Smiles Programme, please return the completed enrolment form in the pre-paid envelope provided, or simply drop it off at the school Reception. Please take note of the parental consent form for all students under the age of 16. You do not need to re-enrol each year, unless there has been a change of address or change in medical history. Go to www.lumino.co.nz for more information.

Your child will bring home a Smile Report after their visit to Lumino Mobile, which will provide you with a summary of the treatment they received and details of any further work that is needed. Mobile units are equipped with the latest dental equipment and a digital x-ray imaging facility. Your child will be looked after by qualified, highly skilled dental professionals who have extensive experience in caring for young people’s oral health.

Who is eligible for the Free Adolescent Service? From Year 9 until their 18th birthday, all children regardless of whether they are working or studying are eligible. Many parents and children are unaware of this free service.

What happens when my child turns 18? When your child turns 18 dental treatment in New Zealand is no longer free. It is a good idea to ask the Dental Therapist who has been treating your child for a list of Dentists who practice in your area.