School Values
Congratulations to: Damiano Agnew (Year 12) who has been selected as our inaugural ‘Star of the Week’ for upholding our School Values. This week’s theme was COURAGE / KO KAURI. Damiano demonstrated courage, standing up as guest speaker at our morning staff meetings and giving lessons to all staff, as part of New Zealand Sign Language Week.

Principal, Fiona Barker, said it is a great thing to have our students who are so talented come and share their knowledge with us.

Damiano gave several fabulous and entertaining demonstrations on how to sign common greetings and helpful class phrases: How are you, I am good / alright / bad; Welcome to class; Please; Thank you. Damiano also encouraged staff to promote their students’ use and practice of learning the NZ Sign Alphabet.

Today, Damiano lead the staff meeting by signing “Today is the last day of NZSL week. My name is Damiano” and asked for teacher volunteers to show what they have been practicing over the past few days. Sports Director Hamish Mackay and whaea Sharon Muru demonstrated “Hello, My name is…(and spelled out their name).”
Damiano also taught staff a few more helpful phrases to use in the classroom: “Have a nice day; Excellent work; and also how to sign the Value of the Week (Courage).

Our School Values are: Excellence / Rau O Te Huia; Courage / Ko Kauri; Respect / He Tangata, He Tangata; Responsiveness / E Tipu, E Rea.