6-10 August
Dear Parents/Caregivers & Whanau,
Consent Week is a collaborative effort from young people from our school community and key stakeholders, and is designed to meet the needs of peers and the wider community when it comes to consent and online safety.

We understand that conversations regarding consent and relationships are complex, and as such we would like to give you an idea as to what kind of content your child could engage with. We also would like to offer some places to go to if you or the students have any follow up questions about consent, relationships and the law.

Consent Week (6 – 10 August) will be brought to students and schools by Violence Free Communities and Peer Sexuality Support Programme (PSSP). Each of these Organisations has long standing experience delivering work in school communities grounded in a strengths based, health promotion framework.

Throughout the week the Youth Cyber Zone team will be running a ‘Stop the Share’ Poster Challenge. This is to raise awareness that sharing nudes online may be a breach of the Harmful Digital Communication Act. Students will learn how to stop nudes from being shared on four different social media platforms. On Friday, PSSP will host a Consent Week Celebration Concert featuring school bands, a Consent Quiz, FAQs, and run an interactive photo wall that gives students the opportunity to say what consent means to them.

Different themes for consent will be covered including communication, rights & responsibilities, navigating consent in online spaces, as well as where people can go to find support. Through this week we aim to encourage and facilitate a healthy and respectful consent culture.

Safe to Talk: A newly established sexual harm helpline. If you need support or feel unsafe call 0800 044 334 or Free txt on 4334. It is 24/7 hours and completely confidential.
HELP: Auckland sexual abuse Help is an organisation dedicated to offering support for sexual abuse and assault survivors. If you would like to contact them for support or enquiries call on 09 623 1700.
Youthline: An organisation dedicated to providing young people with a place to talk to someone anonymously. It is their job to listen and offer support. Call them on 0800 376633 or free txt them on 234. You can also FB message them and they will respond. If you are not a youth you may still contact them and they will offer support in any way they can.
Rainbow Youth: A charity organisation offering support for queer and gender diverse young people in New Zealand. Visit them on their website, phone them on 376 4155 or email them at [email protected]. They also have a drop in centre located at 10 Abbey Street, Newton.
Tu Wahine: a Kaupapa Maori service for Maori women, children and their whanau dealing with violence and abuse, including sexual violence. Contact them on 09 838 8700 or via email: [email protected]
Youth CyberZone + Netsafe: CYZ are trained student leadership teams providing peer support for cyberbullying and online harm. Instagram: youthcyberzone_nz or Facebook: GBHS Youth CyberZone. When situations are serious, they will refer to Netsafe. You can contact Netsafe directly on 0508 NETSAFE, or email: [email protected]