Activities in full flight

Pictured above are Tyrell Thomsen, Riyaad Dean, Anthony Banks and Foloi Eneliko Ioane proudly displaying their manu tukutuku (kites).

Throughout the week, Year 9 and 10 (K9/10DAV) Junior Bridging Social Studies students have been extending their knowledge of Matariki.

One way to celebrate Matariki is to make and fly kites. It is also a time to plant winter crops, gather together with whānau, and to set goals for the year ahead.

What do Matariki kites represent? Matariki Kites (manu tukutuku or manu auto) have a special significance in Māori culture and are flown during Matariki to signify the start of the Māori New Year. Manu is the Māori word for bird.

Click here to see some of the amazing Matariki educational resources available online via Te Papa’s website – including the story of the Matariki star family.