Youth Workers

We're here for you

Youth Work at Green Bay High School is a partnership - it is about local communities working together. Through an organisation called '24-7'  three Youth Workers from local churches (Titirangi Bap... Read More

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A Safe School For All

Safe & Caring Environment

If you are concerned about the way you or another person is being treated by others at school we would like to know about it. This includes: teasing, bullying, harassment, physical or verbal insults, or ... Read More

Student safety

Child Protection Policy

Supporting the physical and emotional well being of students Green Bay High School should at all times be a safe environment supporting the physical and emotional wellbeing of its students. When... Read More

Code of Rights

Green Bay High School's

Code of Rights and Responsibilities At Green Bay High School we have the right to -       Learn and teach without interruption -       Learn and tea... Read More

Fees and Donations

Subject Fees

The payment of actual subject or other fees incurred by your child correspond to the particular course selection students have opted to take throughout the school year and are clearly marked in the Course Selection bookl... Read More

Careers Centre

Career Pathways and Support

Please  contact us to make an appointment to discuss career pathways and tertiary study options with you. We are happy to help. Careers Office Hours: Monday - Friday (8.40am - 3.15pm) Read More

E-books and resources

School Library

Our library provides an excellent environment for students to read and study. Students are expected to be working quietly when using the library. Computers available for students to use during open hour... Read More

Relationship Management

Restorative Practice

Positive and respectful relationships At Green Bay High School we believe positive and respectful relationships are fundamental. Our student management system is underpinned by the principles of re... Read More

School Values

Our School Values Guide Us

You will see these values reflected in the way we do things at Green Bay High School. Excellence: ... Read More

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