Principal’s Sabbatical

Sabbatical Award

Professional learning and reflection This year I have been fortunate to have received a Principal's Sabbatical Award, and so will be on leave during term 2. The award is intended to provide the recipie... Read More

E-Learning Reflections

Reflections on our e-learning start-up

This year was our biggest step so far in exploring the possibilities of digital technology in relation to student learning. Of course we have been using this technology for many... Read More

A great start to the year

Best Ever NCEA Results on every Level - Congratulations students, what a great start We have commenced 2015 with a big smile at Green Bay High School.  There is nothing more rewar... Read More

Sign of the times

Our communications are looking different  - you will have started to notice a change You will have started to notice a change in the way we look in our school communications. Part of the feedback we received in our strategic review last ... Read More

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