Rose Ursem

German Olympiad

Representing Green Bay High School Congratulations to Year 11 student, Rose Ursem, who has been selected to represent Green Bay High School, at the German Language Olympics, in August t... Read More

Friday 16 June, 2017

Teacher Only Day

School closed to students Please note: Support Staff will still be hard at work, so you can come along to pay accounts etc. Please phone the school office on 817-8173 ext 201 for more information.

Spirit of New Zealand

Jess Tonkin

Life Changing Voyage Johnny Depp may make your heart swoon with his swashbuckling pirate antics on the big screen, but Jess Tonkin is the real deal, climbing up the rigging (withou... Read More

Saturday 29 July, 2017


9.30am - 2.00pm All welcome! Your local high school is flourishing! We serve the families in the Titirangi and Green Bay area and are committed to continuing to provide high quality public education in our ... Read More

Friday 23 June, 2017

Scholarship Meeting

Who can apply? Financial scholarships are highly beneficial to students studying at tertiary level, as they reduce the fees students need to pay for their course of study, and can also cover accom... Read More

Pink Shirt Day

Anti Bullying

Mufti Day - Friday 26 May Green Bay High School, together with the rest of the country, will be awash in a sea of pink, on Friday 26 May, during a "Pink Shirt Mufti Day" as part of a national anti-bullying campaign. aims to cr... Read More

Year 10 Timetable

Self Defence

Year 10 Monday May 22nd - Friday May 26th Year 10 classes will be engaged in a Self Defence course next week. Each class has a two hour lesson with an approved instructor from Safe Self Defence. This... Read More

Casey, our community Fire Fighter

Saving Piha

in hot demand Green Bay High School's Director of Sport, Casey Redman, has been in hot demand recently helping to combat a series of fires, lit by an arsonist, in Piha. A series of bush ... Read More

Year 11 PSTs

Wednesday 24 May, 2017 Between 2.00pm and 7.00pm. Duration: 15 minutes per interview Year 11 Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences are an opportunity to have a conversation with your child’s Form Teacher... Read More

Personal Behaviour For Learning

PB4L Awards

Term 1 Assemblies held at Green Bay High School throughout the year recognise Academic, Sporting and Cultural excellence. ‘PB4L Awards’ held at levels assemblies toward the end of Term 1, recognised st... Read More