Visual Arts 2018 Folios

Excellence Boards

2018 was another successful year for our Visual Art students who submitted work in a range of disciplines including Painting, Design, Photography and Print... Read More

Board of Trustees

Strategic Priorities

Governance & Leadership All of New Zealand's state and state-integrated schools have a board of trustees. The board of trustees is the Crown entity responsible for the governance and the contro... Read More

Athletics Day

Photo Album

(Download via your school Google Drive account) Athletics Day: school spirit, athletic abilities, participation prizes... Green Bay High School is always awash with colour, fun, laughter and sportsmanship du... Read More


Breakfast Club

Youth Workers How would you feel if you walked into school early in the morning, to be greeted by the smell of bacon wafting through the corridors? Hungry? Happy? Or both? At Green Bay High School, studen... Read More

Save The Date

PSTs - Coming Soon!

27-28 March, 2018 Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences will be taking place on the 27 - 28 March, between 1.30pm - 7.00pm on both days. PSTs are an opportunity to meet and have a conversation with your... Read More

When will I get mine?

Student ID cards

Coming Soon Over 1300 students had their Student ID photo taken earlier this month, by Photolife Studios Ltd. Once manufactured, the Student ID Cards will arrive at school (in approx 2 weeks time) and w... Read More

Sporting Excellence

JETS athletes, 2019

Applications now open! Students who would like to apply for a position on the school JETS squad are invited to attend a meeting at lunchtime on Friday 16 March, in G1, with Mr. Brandt. The focus of J... Read More

What is the Parent Portal?

Parent Portal

Check attendance, timetable, results, and school reports Green Bay High School has a secure online '' which allows you to view the following information about your child such as: [list type="tick" icon="i... Read More

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Summer Sports

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Archery, Cricket Blitz, Orienteering, Softball, Surf, Tennis, Triathlon, Touch, Volleyball, AFL, Petanque, Futsal, Water Polo and Ultimate Frisbee…it’s all happening at Green Bay Sport!

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