Stock the Shelves

Vision West
Green Bay High School students are helping those in need within our local community to STOCK THEIR SHELVES.

Throughout the week, students were encouraged to bring a canned food item to be collected on behalf of Vision West Food Bank. As you can see by the tower of tin cans shown, there was a great amount to support with 100s of cans donated.

A special thank you to the following Year 10s who promoted the food drive, and made it a success:

Sofia Utting – P10MUR
Mikayla Battersby – P10MUR
Reed Lapwood-Green – P10MUR
Banita Kumar – P10MUR
Babette Lategan – M10HTG
Erin Gosselman – M10HTG

Vision West Food Bank provides emergency food parcels for low income families and individuals – Many people in our community find themselves so financially stretched at times that they need a food parcel to get them through. A small quantity of food can make a big difference for people who find themselves in need or facing financial difficulties.