Lights, cameras, action!

Gateway opportunities
Earlier this week event solutions providers Oceania Productions and Spyglass, held an Open Day for students who are interested in working within the stage and events industry.

Year 12 student Liam Devitt made the most of this opportunity and was shown through all areas of both businesses. He was introduced to key team members and exposed to live demonstrations, including some hands on operation of sound, lighting and AV equipment.

The careers department at Green Bay High School went along with Liam and were thrilled to come across a couple of past pupils CJ Stephens and Jared McDowall, who have obtained work in this exciting field. We are looking forward to identifying students for Gateway experiences in 2018 with these companies, with opportunities for trainees to find their niche, and be trained on the job. Contact the Careers department for more information.

Based in Rosebank Road, Oceania Productions and Spyglass offer technical solutions to events including large scale events such as the Rio Olympics, concerts and corporate events, through audio, lighting, staging, vision and production services.