Leadership In Action

by Hannah Collier (Year 10)
The Year 10 LIA (Leadership in Action) class camped overnight near the Karangahake Gorge near Waihi – as part of their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. Hannah Collier (Year 10) wrote the following report:

Our LIA class has been developing their leadership skills, working towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award throughout the year. As part of our award, we have just completed an adventurous Karangahake Gorge journey, including walking through tunnels, making small river crossings, crossing bridges and camping at the DOC campsite.

In the range of the semester, we had to gradually gain one another’s trust. We did activities including blindfolding one person and your partner had to guide you through the maze. After gaining our trust we had to test our cooking skills, tenting skills and mapping skills.

On the day we left we had to be all packed, ready to go with a positive attitude and be at school by 6:30 in the morning. We were on our way with all the excitement one could have also having a huge amount of fun going to our destination with our whole group singing and having a good time.

Once we started our tramp, we saw some of the most amazing scenery, like the old gold mines, the fantastic Owharoa Falls which were so beautiful to look at, (and we also managed to get some great photos too!)

On this trip, we were assessed on our map reading, decision making, cooking, tenting and our communication skills which pushed us hard but was an extremely positive learning experience.

This short sharp journey we undertook was an experience that I can recommend to all future students thinking of taking LIA.