Lights, camera, action

Nigel Latta
What better way to put a budgeting lesson into action, than having the ‘money man’ himself, Nigel Latta, come to school to talk about finances and offer sensible saving advice.

Ruckus Media came to Green Bay High School to film a portion of Nigel Latta’s ‘Mind over Money’ series.

Nigel interviewed teacher, Poppy Holmberg, before taking on the role of teacher himself before a class full of Year 9s. After speaking about budgeting and finance, Nigel facilitated a game aptly named “Money Chairs” (similar to Musical Chairs) whereby students had to think about taking the risk on claiming a chair and earning a quick dollar…or waiting until the time was right to claim a chair closer to the end of the game, worth $10. This was a great example of learning how to make a quick buck or working steadily towards a greater return.

Keep an eye on the TV to see this series to see the stars of the show, when it goes to air, in April next year!