International Visitors

Global Marketing
Guests from Mexico and Brazil came to Green Bay High School to visit our International department and see our school in action.

Yesterday we hosted Mexican and Brazilian visitors and received some great feedback about the relationships we are building with our students. A special thank you to Emily Woodall and her Year 11 dance class who put on an impromptu dance display.

They were also impressed with our autumn leaves and gardens, which are always stunning at this time of the year, as they took a tour of the school. Community relationships was something else we focused on and they saw that first hand in the staff room at interval meeting the police. Senior Constable Carl (who was here for the Loves-Me-Not workshops with the Year 12 students), took the opportunity to speak with our visitors about NZ’s police culture in community and schools.

Mexico is an emerging market, so it was our pleasure to host these nine agents yesterday – six of whom are Mexican. They are in New Zealand for two weeks and visiting a number of schools throughout the country. They spent about three hours with us – visiting classes and one of our homestay families to get a better picture of what life would be like for a student here.

We currently have nine Brazilian students, however none from Mexico, so we are hoping to welcome yet another vibrant culture into our school community! Thank you to all of the staff for making them feel welcome.