Become a Host Family

Green Bay High School is always happy to hear from warm and welcoming families where students will feel at home and part of the family. It is important that English is spoken in the home and that your family is willing to spend time with the student, integrating them into life in NZ. Hosting an International Student can be a rewarding and enriching experience for the whole family.

We have around 50 International Students from a number of different countries. Some are here on short term English and cultural experiences who are looking for a home for only a few weeks and others are studying long term and could live with the same family for a year or longer.

Our International Students range in age from 13 to 18 years old. Each one of them needs someone to care for them while they are here.

We try to match students to families with similar interests; the information you provide to us in the application form helps us in this process.

If you decide to welcome an International Student into your home, we will provide all the support you require to make this experience a positive one for everyone. We know hosting students isn’t cheap, so we pay our families a fee of $275 per week for hosting a student for us.

Click here to read about one of our host families and why they like to host our students.

Selection of host families

Our host families are all different in size and make up, including single parents, families, couples and retirees. We welcome applications from anyone in the local area who speaks English in the home, has a clean, tidy home and a spare furnished bedroom, and has a desire to share their culture with an international student.

Before accepting a host family we are required to police vet anyone 18 or over in the house and visit the house to do an inspection. We must also visit the house during the year to ensure that it is still a suitable place for a student.

To become a host family, or for further information please email our Homestay Coordinator, Audra Neun at [email protected]

Matching host families and students

When we get new student applications, we look at the interests of the students and host families and try to ensure a good match of personalities and hobbies. Our Homestay Coordinator chooses the family she thinks is most suitable and asks if they would like to host the student, sending them the student profile, enrolment dates and an introduction letter from the student.

When the family has confirmed they would like to host the student, the school contacts the student or their agent and provides them with the details of the host family. Often host families and students contact each other before the student arrives in New Zealand to start getting to know each other through email, phone or social media.