Term 1, 2018

School Values Awards
To mark the end of Term 1, School Values Awards will be presented in acknowledgement of student commitment to our values and ideals that guide us.

EXCELLENCE / RAU O TE HUIA: being outstanding or extremely good
COURAGE / KO KAURI: having the mind or spirit that enables you to face difficulty without fear
RESPECT / HE TANGATA, HE TANGATA: showing due regard for the feelings, wishes or rights of others
RESPONSIVENESS / E TIPU, E REA: adapting quickly, positively and appropriately to changing circumstances
Congratulations to the following students who received Responsiveness Awards:

Year 9
Niamh Bates
Natasha Woodacre
Leon Chapman
Lee van Antwerp
Keira McLean
Jemma Griffiths
Jack Patterson
Harrison Smith
Boris Kolotov
Amy Cartwright
Abbi Edwards
Livi Aliani

Year 10
Annalise Legge
Caleb Goldsmith
Cromwell Pilacan
David Kamonloet
Deanna Welch
Grace Hensley
Jesse Hodge
Jessica Cosgrove
Matias Belaunzaran Consejo
Phoenix Dellow
Stella Silulu

Year 11
Cheyenne Nuttall
Damiano Agnew
Emma Vogel
Madison Forbes
Natalia Clarke
Rebecca Mogen
Reed Lapwood-Green
Samantha Haines
Sheeba Bellamkonda
Talia Ruru
Thomas Afford

Year 12
Amber Blackler
Charlotte Blackler
Enya Murphy
Kirstina Baird
Lucy Sherson
Melissa Clifton-Sprigg
Olivia Fry
Samuel Carr
Sophia Wright
Sylvie-Rose Strange

Year 13
Campbell Jones
Declan Honan-Crann
Ellisha Bishop
Erin Gatland
Gemma Rundle
Isabella Elima
Megan Radley
Monique Logan
Sam Cudd Warhlich