Duke of Edinburgh

Outdoor Education

The position of Green Bay High School at the base of the Waitakere Ranges and within easy drive of the West Coast beaches means that education in the outdoors is ‘part of what we do’. The LIA (L... Read More

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Something for all

Special Interest groups

Many of our students seek to engage in a range of activities, that reflect their interests, beliefs and skills. These activities provide a wide range of extra alternatives for students to engage positively wit... Read More

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Youth Workers

We're here for you

Youth Work at Green Bay High School is a partnership - it is about local communities working together. Through an organisation called '24-7'  three Youth Workers from local churches (Titirangi Bap... Read More

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School Values

Our School Values Guide Us

You will see these values reflected in the way we do things at Green Bay High School. Excellence: ... Read More

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Careers Centre

What's On?

Please  contact us to make an appointment to discuss career pathways and tertiary study options with you. We are happy to help. Careers Office Hours: Monday - Friday (8.40 am - 3.15pm)

Career CentreRead More

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