2020 Start Information

2020 School Start Times & Course Confirmation Dates

Be informed, be prepared! 2020 school start dates are listed below for your convenience. Read More

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Buses & ID Cards

Student ID Cards

All students are issued with an ID card, accepted on AT (Auckland Transport) buses and trains for student concession fare and may also be used as identification when purchasing tickets for student concession at many recreationa... Read More

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Something for all

Special Interest groups

Many of our students seek to engage in a range of activities, that reflect their interests, beliefs and skills. These activities provide a wide range of extra alternatives for students to engage positively w... Read More

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How to order

School Stationery

Green Bay High School has teamed up with OfficeMax and has organised to have our stationery requirements for each class/year loaded onto our school website for you to view, download or place an order. Read More

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Agent Resources

Green Bay High School attracts students from all over the world and it is very important to us that our students get the right information before arriving in New Zealand. Our recognised agents have permission to use these resources when representing Gr... Read More

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JETS Programme

Junior Elite Training Squad

Junior Elite Training Squad (JETS) is a group of up to 10 Green Bay High School students who are identified for their sporting potential. Athletes are selected based on a number of attribu... Read More

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