Students at University

This week's newsletter features success stories of students who are about to embark on University life. It is pleasing to see so many Year 13 students taking heed of Deputy Principal Chris Woodward's wise words in Academic Counselling sessions... Read More

Future Genetic Engineer

Student Trustee (2014) Esme Putt has her future all mapped out. Esme is about to start her studies at Victoria University, where she is doing a conjoint Bachelor's degree in Science (majori... Read More

German Scholarship

Congratulations to Mariam Cisse, who has received a German Scholarship

Mariam achieved Excellence in her Level 3 NCEA results and was top student in ... Read More

Year 12 Historical Volcano Trip

Year 11 Science-general students not only became acquainted with historical Volcanoes during their recent field trip, but made the most of the opportunity to get to know new teaching staff in the Science departmen... Read More

A great start to the year

Best Ever NCEA Results on every Level - Congratulations students, what a great start We have commenced 2015 with a big smile at Green Bay High School.  There is nothing more rewar... Read More

Athletics Day 2015

Our annual Athletics Day is coming soon...6 March Green Bay High School will once again be awash with colour! Students have the opportunity to parti... Read More

Yr 13: Signing Out Rules

Year 13 students may leave school grounds during their study periods, interval and lunch breaks on the following conditions: They sign out prior to leaving and sign back in on their return ... Read More

RYDA – Road Safety

Year 12 students have been given the opportunity to attend the one-day RYDA Road Safety Education Programme. RYDA is designed for 15-18 year olds as they begin to drive or ride in cars dri... Read More

International Visitors

Green Bay High School welcomed new international students, with a stunning week of brilliant February sunshine. Students from Germany, Korea, Japan, Brazil and Chile all have come to New Z... Read More

Student Leaders Camp

20 – 22 January. Kiwanis Huia Camp What do you get when you combine twenty Year 13 Student Leaders, their level dean, a deputy principal and a couple of 24/7 youth workers? Th... Read More