Junior Elite Training Squad

Top Athletes
Green Bay High School’s Junior Elite Training Squad (JETS) is a group of up to 10 students who are identified for their sporting potential.

Earlier this week, the WIL Sport JETS and JETS stream athletes went to AUT Millennium to learn more about their specific training needs in order to stay on top of their game.

The first session was based on Hydration and how important it is to refuel after a session. Before the session, the athletes weighed themselves and then were put through their paces for 45 minutes replicating a hard training session. After the session, the athletes re-weighed themselves to identify how much water-weight they lost and needed to replace.

Our athletes were shown pool recovery stretches and exercises, and were given a one-off opportunity to use the hot and cold spas normally only reserved for high-performance athletes.

A discussion about supplements and the importance of using them safely was held. All the athletes were amazed at what really goes into supplements and the implications on their sport.

Finally, the day ended with fitness testing designed to assess the progress the students have made from their last visit of the year to AUT.