Lead Role!

Emma Kemp (Year 11)
We are delighted to announce that Emma Kemp has the lead role in the Auckland Theatre Company’s 2020 show of the ‘Miracle Worker’, in May next year!

Theatre is her passion and it is a huge role for someone so young. Emma (pictured above) will play the part of Helen Keller.

The screenplay by William Gibson is based on his 1959 play: The Miracle Worker, which was adapted from the 1902 autobiography of Helen Keller, titled: The Story of My Life. It is a biographical story based on the teachings of Anne Sullivan, who was a blind tutor to Helen Keller. Helen Keller became blind and deaf as an infant, after catching scarlet fever. The Miracle Worker portrays the frustrations and struggles which are overcome in an emotional story, which evidently changes the lives of blind and deaf people (and their families) and sets new standards of diversity across the world.

Opening Night: 8 May 2020
Auckland Theatre Company, ASB Waterfront Theatre