Mathex Competition

Term 3
Green Bay High School was represented by two teams at Auckland’s annual secondary schools’ Mathex Competition, held at ASB stadium last Wednesday.

Year 9 students: James Arthars, Lewis Inder, Scott Morgan-Smith, Daniel Fleming, Nathan Lakeland, Socratis Karsas, Yi-Fei Han, Evie Stokes, and Year 10 students: Charlotte Rogerson, Luca Bourhill, Phoebe Williamson, Stanley Sparks.

Mathex is fast-paced and involves some speedy number crunching, as teams race to answer 20 maths questions in 30 minutes, with the aim of getting the highest score.

Team members work together to solve a series of mathematical problems whereby one ‘Runner’ from each team races hand in the correct answer. The first question is multi-choice and must be answered correctly in order to continue. Some questions may consist of more than one part and so all parts must be answered correctly to get points awarded. The winning team is the first to gain an absolute score of 100 points or the team which has gained the highest score at the end of the 30 minutes competition.