Absence Notifications

If a student is absent from school for reasons of ill health, family emergencies or bereavement, a signed and dated note from the parent/guardian must be brought with the student on their return to school explaining the absence.

In some situations, a medical certificate will also be required.

A parent/guardian may report an Absence or Late to School by phoning 817-8173 ext 234 (or) emailing: jul[email protected]  (or) via the School App (or) send a signed note to school with your child, upon their return.

Green Bay High School uses a daily text message and email system to parents and caregivers informing them of unexplained non-attendance.


The aim of the attendance system is for accuracy, consistency and ‘detection’. It should provide us with detailed knowledge of student attendance and movement.
Monitoring attendance is the responsibility of form tutors, the level Dean, the Attendance Officer (Julie Southey), and Deputy Principal-Student Services (Sandy Begg). Parents and caregivers are encouraged to communicate intended absence by calling 817-8173 ext 234 or email Julie Southey.
The school operates a text messaging system to parents and caregivers for students who are absent without reason. This text message is usually sent by the end of form period.
Students who are absent from school are to bring a note to their form tutor to explain the absence on the day of their return. This is to be signed by the parent/caregiver.
If a student is discovered to be truant from school, the dean will discuss this matter with the student and decide on an appropriate consequence e.g. a detention to catch up on missed work. The dean may also contact home.


1. If a student arrives late to school, that is after Period 1 begins at 8.40am, they must report to student reception, to sign in and to have their lateness recorded. A member of the Senior Management Team issues the Late Slips.
2. Students will receive a LATE SLIP to show the teacher whose class they enter late. The Deans and Senior Management Team will manage students who persistently arrive after 8.40am, and/or do not have a valid reason for arriving late to school. This may include detentions and/or contact with home.
3. If a student arrives late to any class, including form class, without a note of explanation, they are expected to make the time up. Ongoing issues of lateness (more than twice a week) will be reported to the level dean.

Truancy Concerns

The Dean will initiate contact with home (phone, email, letter when there are truancy or ongoing attendance concerns. It may be necessary to use the services of the local truancy service if this continues to be an issue. The local truancy services have the power to prosecute families for non-attendance.