Josh Rutland

Year 12
Josh Rutland is a shining star for the Careers team work experience programme.

Josh has had a week day placement at Motu Moana Scout Camp all year assisting the caretaker Des with numerous jobs including building maintenance, firewood, mulching, planting, tidying rubbish, cleaning and setting up activities.

Des enjoys Josh’s company and is impressed with his strong work ethic and willingness to engage in any tasks given to him.

Josh recently offered his assistance with a mulching project for the La Rosa Orchard in La Rosa Reserve, despite the fact that he had already spent a part day doing physical work at Motu Moana. His commitment is such that he wants to continue working with Des through the holiday period.

Josh hopes to become a landscaper, and our school Careers team in conjunction with his teachers and the Primary ITO are working to help him with his dream by tailoring a programme for him in Year 13 to include a mix of school and industry experience and relevant assessments.