The Digital and I Project

Delicia Sampero
Green Bay High School was very proud to host ‘The Digital and I Project’ created by artist Delicia Sampero. The artist paints young people on actual traffic signs, focusing on the need to be alert and watchful in digital traffic.

The true kaupapa of the Digital and I Project is to stimulate and empower critical thinking in students; to stimulate class discussions and encourage creative thinking around the effects and influences of the internet in their present and future lives.

Approximately 25 of these painted signs were displayed in the school grounds for two days. Students and staff were encouraged to explore the topic in class, with discussions and debates, contributing their own ideas and connections to their fields of interest.

Students will be invited to an after-school workshop, taking place in June, to explore their creative processes and make their own art installation, with the guidance of a practising artist.