Top Place

Takumu Akiyama
Congratulations to Takumu Akiyama (Year 10) whose sharp eye and steady hand earned him top place in the qualifying rounds of the Auckland Archery competition, held last week.

Takumu, an International student from Japan, is certainly showing his sporting prowess: he also won the 100m race at our school’s Athletics House Festival, last Friday.

Archers are graded into various levels according to their ability. The vast majority of competitors manage to hit the target in a fairly splattered pattern and are probably happy to have scored some points, however, Takumu got all his arrows into the Gold section and averaged 55 points – this is an exceptional achievement and he is truly impressive to watch!

This archery competition draws students from all over the Auckland region to meet at the Auckland Target Archery Club at Auckland’s One Tree Hill, on Wednesday afternoons. The aim is to shoot 6 rounds in total at a target 20 yards away. Many Archers choose to use recurve bows, although there are some with sophisticated compound bows.